Welcome to Square Hunter!

The object of this game is real simple, find the winning square. Just click any square on the picture to the right for a chance to win the featured prize.

It is free to play to try to win prizes. Please be respectful of our sponsors.

Don't forget to consult the rules before playing.

There are new winners everyday! Are you a square hunter?


Latest Updates

3/17 - Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Best Buy

3/14 - Today's Winner: Sam M. from NYC

3/14 - Square Hunter updated to v2.1


"SquareHunter got me my new iPad"

~ John, CT

"I can't believe I won the prize!"

~ Sarah, PA

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1.  The square hunter board contains 4950 different box squares organized on an x,y grid.  One or more squares on the game board are a 'winning square', which awards the current prize if found and properly certified.

2.  Anytime a player selects a loosing square the player will be shown one of any number of random sponsors.  These sponsors make square hunter possible by providing revenues square hunter uses to fund prizes.

3.  Players must play square hunter in good faith.  Schemes to defraud prizes through automation or scripting will result in non issuance of prize and permanent ban from the opportunity to claim prizes.

4.  Players are encouraged to give sponsors at least a minimal level of human attention.  There is no requirement to participate in sponsors.

5.  After a player selects a square a 6 second timer will countdown.  Once the counter has reached 0 the player can then click 'play again' to close the current window and return to the game board to continue playing.  Closing the window before the end of the timer is grounds for prize disqualification if done in gross disproportion.

6.  Any player who successfully finds the winning square must follow the instructions provided in order to claim their prize.

7.  The location of winning square(s) is subject to change at any time.  Our goal is to announce every time locations and prizes are changed, but we do not guarantee we will do so every time.

8.  We reserve the right to limit the number of prizes given out in a day.  Prize availability will be based upon the number of certified winners already in a day.  At least one prize will be available to be won by at least one player everyday.  It is our goal to always have a prize available no matter how many winners so far in a day, but we do not guarantee all day availability of prizes.

Welcome To SquareHunter!

Square Hunter is the hottest online game where you are just one click away from winning great prizes.

By searching and picking the winning square you can win great prizes such as iPads, computers, gift cards and much more.

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